Please see the procedure below when you are asked by support to submit MillenVPN diagnostic log files.
*Please note that we will not be able to respond to your request if you send us the diagnostic log file without a request from support.
*If you have any problems regarding the use of MillenVPN, please contact us first using the inquiry form.

(1) Please log in to the MillenVPN application and
 Click on the information mark [Information].

(2) Information is located in the following information.
[Click on the "Diagnostics" tab.

Please open [Diagnosis].
 You will find [View Diagnostic File] in the lower right corner.
 Click to view.

(4) Two diagnostic files are shown below.
 Copy and paste the file to your desktop or other location.

(5) [error.json] in the two diagnostic files is a problem with the file extension.
 We are unable to attach the file as it is, so please send us the pasted [error.json].
 Please right-click and click "Rename" and change the name to "error.txt". 


(6) If you change your mind, you can make the change from MillenVPN's My Page.
 Please open the inquiry you were asked to submit.

(7) If you open an inquiry
 Your inquiry information will be displayed and you may click [Reply].

 Please fill out the form below and click on the "⑧" button.
  Click [+Add More] once to increase the number of spaces available for attachment.
  Click on "Select File" for attachments.

 (9) Click on "Select File" and you will be able to see the file,
  Please select one of the two files you see in the other window.


(10) If you could attach the file,
 [Click on "Submit Inquiry" to complete your inquiry.